Asus Router Setup

There are a number of features you will enjoy if you have Asus router. Asus router provides you high wireless speed, WIFI coverage, and range. Setting up a new Asus router can be difficult sometimes for new users.If you already have your favorite Asus router and don’t know where to begin then this guide will surely help you with 192.168 1.1 Asus router setup wizard. before jumping into the setup process make sure that you have fast and stable connection And below following system need

  • Cpu Intel core2 duo
  • HDD least I/O speed of 200 MB per sec
  • Minimum 4 GB system memory
It is also important to make sure we make a hard-wired connection to the computer so that there are minimum fluctuations and setup can go smoothly. Let move forward and start with the steps for setup


Easy Steps for router setup wizard

  • The first step is to connect one end of the ethernet cable to the router and insert another end in the power outlet
  • Take another ethernet cable and connect router and computer using LAN port
  • start your router and then the computer
  • Launch any web browser and in the address bar type Router.asus.com and press enter
  • You will be directed to the official website of Asus and then 192.168 1.1 Asus router Login page opens
  • Enter the default username and the password ( default username and password are "admin")
  • In case you are configuring the router then you may have changed the credentials for security purpose And you have to enter those credentials which you had set earlier to login
  • Now create a router name and password then click on continue to go-ahead
  • Most of the Asus routers are dual-band router that supports both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands click on the checkbox if you wish to have the same setting for both band
  • Continue with the setting and click on next before applying the setting to the router Enter the new name and password for authentication and then Asus setup is complete
These steps are simple and easy to perform If you want to configure your Asus router you have to log in to the Asus router. Login into 192.168 1.1 Asus router Login can be a bit confusing for some users. We are going to explain to you in simple steps to login into Asus router login page

Here are steps for Asus Router Login

  • Using the ethernet cable connect your router and computer
  • Open any browser in your computer and enter router.asus.com
  • In case you are not able to reach the above link then you can enter
  • which is the default address in your web browser address bar
  • Enter your login credential to get access to Advance Asus router setting
  • Press enter and you will be directed to Asus configuration page

After this, you are done with 192.168 1.1 Asus router Login. These steps can be easily performed by the new users also. For security purposes, one must Reset Asus router admin password so that only you will be able to get access to it. let look at the steps to change Asus Router Admin Password

How to reset Asus router admin password

  • Connect your computer with your router through the ethernet cable
  • Open Any web browser in your computer and enter in the address bar
  • Enter the default username and password which is generally “Admin” and click on login now you will be directed to the homepage of Asus router
  • At the top right corner of your screen click on administration option
  • Click on setting option and then click on reset/default option
  • In case you want to change Asus Router Admin Password First select the wi-fi band and SSID you need to change the password
  • Click on password protection type WEP/WEP2
  • Enter the new password you want to have and click on save

If you want to reset Asus router admin password manually then you have to do a hard reset. for that look for push-button of the Asus router which is located at bottom of your router.press the reset button for few second and doesn’t release it until you see your Asus router led’s lighting up once the light is on release the button and wait till your router loads it defaults settings.